Wednesday 18 July 2012

Problems with one of the men in my life

I look after my brother's puppy when he's at work.  When he said he was thinking about getting a puppy and would I mind looking after him when he's on a job I didn't think twice about it....Of course I would!  Afterall, it'd be nice to have another puppy in the house, and Howard was a pretty good pup.  How hard could it be?!

Well, this is Max.  Gorgeous, isn't he.  He's a lurcher.  I'm not sure if people know but Lurchers aren't a very regulated fact they're not really a breed at all.  They're a cross breed with a sight hound and whatever else.  Max has greyhound in him...lots of greyhound in him.  At 13 weeks old he's massive.  Double the size of my little Howard.

Those blue eyes have a "can do no wrong" look, don't they....?!

Don't be fooled.  He's an absolute nightmare.

Yesterday I spent the ENTIRE day cleaning up my poor mum's house after this wretched pup.  It was horrendous.   He'd taken the entire recycling bin and thrown the contents all over the house.  Chewed up an entire pack of kitchen roll and walked in god knows what from outside all over the carpet.

I the end of the day I was frazzled!  But it was ok.  My mum wouldn't have to see all the mess when she came back, this afternoon.

When I got home that evening I had a well earned slice of carrot cake and berries.  It was so good!

I came back this morning to collect the pup and he'd only gone and messed up the house AGAIN!!  

Oliver and I have been franticly trying to clean up after him in time for my mum's arrival home.  All done I boiled the kettle and made my way to the fridge milk!

Methinks I'm going to have to get all the boys ready and mosey on down to the village shop!  I need my tea!  (and for that matter, so will my mummy dearest when she gets home!)  Best nip off before the rain starts again!

Oh, look at that face!  He's alright really...!

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