Tuesday 24 July 2012

Summer's here

I love my garden  meadow!!  It's looking rather wild, as of late.  So much rain has meant it's been too wet to mow the lawn and all the plants have taken advantage of this and grown, grown, grown!!

I'm thinking of padlocking the lawn mower so Tom can't flatten it all.  Oli loves exploring the "jungle" and I love looking out of the window at it, so it's a win, win!!

This is the view out of the kitchen window, over the fence.  We live just outside some protected heathland, full of bugs, beasties, bunnies and deer!  It's where I walk Howard and explore with Ol.

I'm honestly going to miss the view when we move.  We'll still be within a stones throw of the heathland, and will overlook trees from our garden, but we won't have the view we have now. (Yes...I just stated the obvious, didn't I!)

My mother in law planted us some pots for the garden, as we're moving in the next few weeks and didn't want to plant anything into the ground.

The fuchsias take me back to my childhood when we planted them in the front garden.  Tom's mum is so kind, and her thoughtfulness with these little pots of colour mean so much to me.

Oliver has been given the task of watering them every day, and he's loving the responsibility.

There's been a lot of making and creating going on today.  Little man made this helicopter out of his magnetix. (Possibly the best childs toy, bar lego)

and I've been sewing more cushions.

I feel very relaxed today....Summer is HERE!!

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  1. Welcome to blog land! We share two of the same passions......sewing and baking. We should get on well!


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