Tuesday 4 December 2012

Oh what a frosty day

Is it Winter?  I'm pretty sure that Autumn has wandered off somewhere and got lost.  Winter has definitely taken up residence where we live! *brrrrrrrr*  Despite my unsuitable footwear above I've been all snuggled in sheepy boots, scarves and my wonderfully cozy tweed jacket.  Poor little Howard is feeling the cold, so a nice warm jacket is on the shopping list.

 I've been sew, sew, sewing with some new strawberry fabric from Clarke and Clarke.  Mr Strawberry Elephant is a present for a friends tiny man...I hope he's fed lots of strawberry jam!

Hearts are also multiplying....even though I live in a house full of males...!

Oli and I have been going crazy with scissors and have been making snowflakes to match the weather. That boy has a way with scissors, and is loving being all crafty.  Christmas is mentioned every few minutes and we're all being caught up in the childish glee the season brings.

ChrisMoose is coming!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh! You are so talented! How cute is Mr Elephant! xxx

  2. Thank you! He took a while to create from paper to stuffing. I'm really pleased with how he turned out though, and want to make one for every little person I know! xxx


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