Wednesday 2 January 2013

Happy New Year

(and a belated Happy Christmas!)

It's been a ridiculously busy month and I'd be lying if I wasn't slightly thankful that the festivities were over.  Exhaustion out of the equation, we had the most incredible Christmas period, filled with family, friends and rather too much food and booze.

I'm looking forwards to the New year and hope you are too!


  1. Ali, Happy New Year!!
    Howard's photo is the loveliest I have seen this Christmas!! I hope this will meet with your approval but I just had to link it to my blog!
    Blessings to you and yours and a big hug to Howard!!

  2. What a beautiful beautiful little king charles, his coat is so lovely and clean!!! I had one exactly the same as him once called Bruno, he was a lively character but I totally loved him!!

  3. Ali ! Thank you for your comment on my blog. Parsley isn't very pleased because I have stopped writing but my secretary says it's time to nap more.
    Howard is so beautiful.
    Love, Harvey.


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