Saturday 30 March 2013

A cold and frosty Easter

What better to celebrate easter with than a hot, hot coffee and hot cross buns SLATHERED in butter….yes…slathered.  You can't just spread butter onto hot cross buns, they just need more.  (and perhaps to not be burned.  My bad.)

I've been sewing more cushions, sat right by the french doors, watching the snow flurries in despair….it's nearly April for goodness sake….

The "rotary cutter of doom" and I have come to an agreement and I still have all my fingers in tact and a non-zombie "eating me" dog (thank you Howard)

All of a sudden the clouds parted and we had a few short moments of sunshine.  I sat, eyes closed, relishing the warmth on my face.  

Utter Heaven

Can Spring please be sprung?!

Yesterday Little man and I went on a special outing together, just the two of us, leaving Tom and little Hugo at home.  We took a very rare trip to the cinema….in fact I totted it up and it's been about two years since I last went.  

£20 for two tickets and a small popcorn……….£20?!!!  Thankfully Oliver had an incredible time and was perfectly behaved.  It was so warming to have some alone time with my big boy being able to give him my undivided attention.  Before number 2 comes along you take for granted those moments.

Back home and a Grand design took place.

Tomorrow we're off to my dad's house for family easter fun time!  I can't wait……I wonder if the easter bunny will have visited…..?


  1. Ah what a lovely day you've had! The cinema is extortionate these days, i always use my tesco vouchers for tickets! We had hot cross buns too with "Lashings"!! of butter, it's gotta be done!

    Enjoy Easter day, hope the bunny brings you lots!

    p.s. the cushion material is lovely!

  2. "Lashings" of butter….mmmmmmm! Hot cross buns and croissants can't just have a skimpy amount of butter…! The easter bunny brought us far too much chocolate. I'm not sure we'll ever finish it….HA…!

    The material is Clarke and Clarke. It's really gorgeous.

    Hope you had a fabby Easter.

  3. A trip to the cinema now requires a re-mortgage with there being 5 of us! I dread the boys seeing an advert for a new film. I also love that fabric (what a surprise that Hazel and I would have similar taste.....) and despite more Easter food than is good for me, all this talk of Hot Cross Buns is making my tummy rumble. Where DID I leave that chocolate......?

    1. Did you eat the chocolate?? …..thought so!

      I think we might need to remortgage with Despicable me 2, Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 and Monsters inc 2 coming out (Oliver's 5.) He's only just showing interest in the cinema and Hugo's too young….but this kind of thing is the reason Tom has said no more babies. (I still hope I'll get around that one somehow….)


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