Friday 22 March 2013


Howard's house is no longer just Howard's.  Today has been "Dennis Day"…..

There are two lots of paws in Howard's house.  (Yes, Hazel, you guessed that today brought excitement of the canine variety.)

Today I did a 6 hour round trip to meet (and collect) this little guy……..only….he's not that little…!

In fact he's absolutely massive.

Yes…the little pup is Howard (looking incredibly young compared to the wool dumpling that is Dennis.)

We went for a walk with Dennis' old owner and decided that it was a perfect match, so here he is.

Currently he's flat out, on my lap (The part that fits on my lap) snoring like a trooper and Howard is snuggled up to his body.  Poor Dennis has quite a bit of weight to lose, but is the calmest dog I've met, with all the upheaval of moving to a new house.  He's already made himself right at home.



  1. Wonderful news and how nice of Howard to share his family with Dennis! (not happening likely with Mac the Corgi, a bit spoiled I am afraid and all my fault - of course! - according to ex-RAF hubby!)

  2. I got to meet them!!! They've cute as hell!

  3. Great news! Hope everyone gets on well with each other xx

  4. Oh my goodness soooooo cute poor little sausage! King charles are so prone to weight gain but I have no doubt you will have him ship shape before long! What's his story why did he have to be rehomed? And what a cool name is Dennis!!!!!!!!


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