Sunday 31 March 2013

Easter Sunday

I hope you all had a happy easter!  We most certainly did.

Grandpa and Gran-jan The easter bunny had hidden some easter bunnies and chicks in the garden, and Oliver couldn't wait to get out to find those pesky little chocolates, shouting in glee as he found each one.  "How did they get there"…….!

Hugo, the bunny, was far more interested in the wrapping (thank goodness as he's not tried chocolate yet and I fear if he knows what he's missing it'll be a lot harder to keep away.)

We came back from my dads with full bellies (my step-mum made the very best roast in the entire world) and a whole family of bunnies.  I'm not sure I can bear to eat them…but ask me again in a week.

I'm now curled up on the sofa with two snoring dogs, cup of "the Earl" in hand, scoffing chocolate raisins. (I hope the bunnies didn't have anything to do with their creation.)

I hope your Easter was filled with family and food.

….and I'm STILL waiting for Spring…please.

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  1. Ali PLEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEEE hide the raisins when you are done and out of reach of the dogs, the mention of raisins gives me heart failure, have you seen my blog post about the day Marley ate a whole xmas pudding and was rushed to
    doggie a & e????? Seriously I told him that if he survived the ordeal I was gonna kill him anyway, thank god for pet insurance!!!

    On a more positive note what a lovely day you have had and how many chocolate bunnies does one family need??? lololol!

    Happy Easter xxx

    1. I've already told the dogs that if they touch them then they're dead…..if the raisins and chocolate murderous combo didn't kill them then I would.
      I've already had a dog go through acute kidney failure (not raisin induced). I took her in because she wasn't "quite right". She only spent 3 days in the vets after blood tests found the kidney failure (we were asked then if she could have eaten certain foods, but the severity my vet thinks it can have only have been antifreeze poisoning, probably picked up on a walk), trying to flush her system, to be told there was nothing they could do. Her kidneys were shutting down and we needed to put her to sleep. Absolutely heartbreaking to watch her go through.
      Then this Christmas, my brother had to have Max's stomach pumped after eating two Christmas puddings and a box of chocolates, thankfully from Mia we'd learned about all the poisons around the home. (……and the cost….ouch!)
      Thanks for mentioning it though! If I hadn't known then it could have been a disaster…and perhaps someone else will read it and hide any chocs/raisins (and raw onion and garlic, for future reference).

      Apparently we need a whole family of chocolate bunnies….my father's reasoning being the mid-sized ones weren't big enough so he HAD to get the large ones. I smiled, nodded, hugged them tight and didn't complain.

      Happy Easter xx

  2. I think that when you take your dog for his first jabs the vets should give you a list of poisonous foods, I only knew about the raisins because it had happened to a friend's dog, otherwise I wouldn't have known! The vet told me that just 3 raisins can send them into kidney failure - scary stuff!

    Lindt bunnies are the best, enjoy them muchly! xx

  3. Precious! Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter to all of you, hugs to Howard and new buddy!

    1. Thank you Noelle. Happy Easter to you too xx


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