Friday 15 March 2013

Knocked for six

I've been absent this month.  I've not really felt up to writing this post, but life isn't always a bed of roses and me being me, it's cathartic writing things down.

This post will have no bells and whistles…no pictures…. Please bear with me….

Mid February my wonderful Great Aunt died, peacefully in her sleep.  We were ready for it, as she'd been very ill, but it doesn't stop it being a shock when the time actually comes.  We were her only family, so have had to sort through her house, which wasn't easy to do.  Emotionally draining, is my first thought.  I find death hard to comprehend, and think I always will.  I miss Auntie Diana a huge amount.

At the end of February I had to make the heart wrenching decision to have Solomon put to sleep.  You might remember he had an ear infection.  It turns out it wasn't an ear infection after all and was cancer.  At nearly 16 years old he'd had a good life, but all the same, it was very upsetting.

A couple of weeks ago our other cat, Pusskin, who is by her own volition an indoor cat, went missing.  We haven't heard anything, despite putting up posters and leaflets.  We're still hoping she comes back, but she's quite old and it's been so cold recently.

On Monday, my brother's gorgeous dog, Max, broke his leg badly whilst on a walk.  My poor brother had to carry him (and he weighs 30kg) home from the middle of nowhere and rush him to the vets.  Tuesday morning they set about fixing him up, pinning the bones together and were confident that it'd all be ok.  They couldn't bring him around from the anaesthetic.  He wasn't even a year old, yet.  Max was such a lovely dog, and we're going to miss him so much.  It was a shock to everyone…..

Solomon dying was heart wrenching but at least you can say that he'd had a long life.  Maxi-moo had barely begun his life.

I apologise for the doom and gloom.  I'll be back tomorrow with a happier and more colourful post.


  1. Oh Ali you poor, poor thing, no wonder you are feeling down in the dumps! Hope you feel better soon xxx


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