Monday 8 April 2013

Howard Sleeps

::All snuggled up under the blanket that he's not allowed on/under, and you'd never know what a little sod he was last weekend….I seem to have almost forgotten myself, so don't remind me.

(Wait a second.  Is that a wink he's giving me?)

::And poor "Fat Dennis", who is a little less fat than a few weeks ago. 

What do you mean you can't see any difference?


  1. Wellll Ali, seems to be both of them just look very content with life...Admit it, under all the grumbling, you love them to death!

    1. I absolutely adore them. Tom currently has Howard belly up, on his lap and I have Dennis, snoring louder than a fog horn, as close as he can possibly get to me.
      We have a "dog" house…and they will always have pride of place…even if sometimes they are little sods. (Well…I'm not always perfectly behaved [when I've had a few drinks]…why should they be?) Hahah!

      They are wonderful dogs. I'm still in shock that we found such a perfect dog in Dennis, at 3.5 years old. He's wonderful. Everyone knows how much I revere Howard, but Dennis is just as lovely.

  2. Fat Dennis - that's hilarious!!! Do you wash and blow dry them every day cause they always looks so immaculately groomed!!!!!

    1. I never touch their fur, other than for a quick ear and tail comb.

      They're pretty low maintenance dogs and clean their little pawses after walks.



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