Tuesday 2 April 2013

Monthly Mosaics

I'd almost forgotten what blue sky and sunshine looked like.  It's still bitterly cold, but yesterday I managed to brave the cold, cup of tea in hand, boys in tow, onto the green for a chit chat with the neighbours, pausing to sit, with the sun on my face, closing my eyes and breathing deeply that smell of "green".  The Little man ran around with the neighbourhood children, laughing and shouting.  The dogs bounding about in the sunshine like maniacs.

Onto the mosaics….

I've seen this done on other blogs (the first one I saw was done by Lucy at Attic 24, when I was blogless, and remember thinking it was fab), so think I'll give it a whirl.  I love the idea of looking back at the end of the year and seeing, in a little mosaic of pictures, what month for month looks like.  

I suppose the theory being that year on year I can see how my months compare.

So without further ado…I give you:





(I've just noticed that the "blog time" optimistically tells me that it's "British summer time"…if this is what our British summer is going to be like then I want out, please.)



  1. Ah what a lovely idea, I might have to have a go myself! How do you find your little King Charleses(!) off the lead? I used to have one many years ago called Bruno and he was a nightmare and therefore was rarely allowed off the lead! I once let him off in the park and he just did a complete runner!!


    1. Funny you should ask that this week….erm…..this week I have a rather amusing (not at the time) story….lets just say I went on a walk I wasn't expecting to go on at my Fathers (thank you Howard and Mr/s hare)

      Howard has always been fantastic off lead. That first time I unhooked his lead I was so nervous, but my little pup stayed close and has always come back when called. (Going to a dog trainer certainly helped keep him obedient when he was an adolescent. Of course there were a couple of times when he got carried away with rabbit chasing but overall I have no problem letting him offlead in an area I know. (and that I know isn't near a road…that boy has no road sense and I just wouldn't risk it.)

      Dennis, I was worried about. He doesn't know me…I don't know him….how is that going to work on walks? It turns out I have nothing to worry about. He's utterly in love with me and stays very close (he knows I have treats in my pockets…fatty!) He has the same freedom as Howard and dare I say it, being a calmer dog, is easier.

      I can open the front door and so long as I keep an eye on them I trust them on the green in front of our house, not to go onto the (communal) carpark which is nice, as a lot of our neighbours have small dogs.

      I've always loved walks with Howard and he doesn't go up to a dog he doesn't know without asking me first, but the bundles of energy can be exhausting. I don't think for a second that he'd run away or go somewhere he shouldn't, but he just doesn't stop. He touches base with me throughout the walk, but for the most part is running this way and that, through the bushes, over the "hills" into the woodland, in big arcs around the path. He knows exactly where he's going and I see him pausing and looking out for me. As soon as I call him back he comes, thankfully, so I try to give him his freedom.
      He is such a clown, racing about….and gives the springers and cockers a run for their money (who said Cavaliers weren't REAL spaniels)

      Howard's a little monkey (I'm being far too polite) on the lead, so I've always preferred him off, which is why he's so good, I suppose. If he'd never been allowed offlead then he'd be a little sod.

      I love walking the dogs and I'm not sure I would if I couldn't take them "somewhere" to go offlead. We're so lucky that we have an almost completely fenced heathland and woodland area (and have dogs that won't go out the gaps.

      (sorry for the essay)

    2. I can't even reply to this one because I am laughing too much at your new post!!!! See over there for my comment lololololol!

    3. …and amazingly I wrote that AFTER Sunday. I'm blocking it from my mind, and have banned them from going near my dad's garden without a lead.

      I maintain that they're good dogs offlead….Hahaha….*I know what you're saying to yourself…."denial"…*

  2. Lovely pictures! I smiled to myself at the picture of the (nearly) killer rotary cutter.

    1. We seem to have come to an agreement for now. I feel we're more "frienemies" than friends, so will continue to watch my back (well…fingers!)



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