Monday 15 April 2013

Springtime sunshine

I know I sound like a weather report at the moment, but I hope you understand and share my joy about the matter…..SUNSHINE has arrived……!

Little man still has a few days left of the spring holiday (I think he's had four weeks off….I don't remember holidays being that long when I was a small person.)  There's only so much lego you can play with before you NEED to get outside into the sunshine, and I was more than happy to oblige him.

I bundled up a blanket, a basket of toys and the two small people and out we went.

We didn't get very far….just to the green (well, I get to take a mug of tea out with me, which is easily replenished when there's a kettle only meters away)

Little man ran around playing games with sticks (I think a couple might have been guns, but he promises they weren't guns…just sticks *yeah, yeah, Ol, of course they were*.

Tiny man and I sat on the rug and watched the running and jumping.  It's quite tiring watching so much exercise.  I'm pretty sure that it counts as exercising myself……no?

Tiny man is getting less tiny.  As you can see, he's got some big boy shoes (and has shown his prowess at standing completely unaided.  Not only that…..he's about to turn the big 1……!  Where on earth has this past year gone?  I'm really not sure.

He's pretty good at lounging…I think we could all take note from little Huggy bear on how to relax properly.

He was also a great hinderance help with my crochet.  

Wool is fun…who knew?

Speaking of crochet.  I'm having so much fun with this blanket.

It's growing remarkably quickly….even though I made it wider than intended.  (Oh well…every boy needs an 150cm wide blanket…single bed or not.) 

I love these colours.   Thankfully, Oliver does too.  They're pretty, but not too pretty that they're embarrassing for a little man to have in his room.  I sneaked in two purples, but resisted the lure of a sneaky pink.  



  1. I am so in love with this blanket!!!

  2. No matter how hard you try not to encourage "gun" games, a stick is always a gun to a boy and a wand to a girl - fact. Lovely photos - your blanket is too beautiful!


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