Friday 30 August 2013

OCD....obsessive compulsive dog...

Hello all, Howard Moon here.  

I'm sure you all know who I am….and if you don't then why on earth not?!

Firstly I want to thank you for your kind well wishes.  I am absolutely fine and my plastic surgeon says that I'll still be able to carry on with modelling for VO5......phew!

After the "incident", now that I'm alone, Mummy says that I've gone back to my "old ways", whatever she means by that and having talked to Mrs Vet, apparently I have officially been diagnosed with OCD.  (I would have listened more closely but there was a mirror and I got distracted….)

I wasn't too upset about the diagnosis.  I mean I already knew that I was an Outsandingly Capable Dog and it goes without saying, an Overly Cool Dude.

When Mummy said to the nice (she had food!!) Mrs Vet lady that "only Howard could have OCD" I agreed…."yes...I am awesome...we all know this.  What is your point Mother?"

...excuse me a minute...

....I just can't stop.....

...can't....freaking stop....

*chewchewchewscratchscratchscratch* dare you suggest such a thing…..

I don't have the "f" word or mites, thank you very much...!

It's not that I'm itchy...I just can't stop…

I can't help it.

It's hard being this gorgeous.  

Thankfully I'm an Officially Cute Darling, I'm sure you'll agree (and if you don't agree with me, then quite frankly, you're wrong!)

What do you mean that's not what it means...?

Don't be such 'Orrible Callous Dimwits......
(Mummy note: Ok...perhaps that last one was pushing it a bit....)


1 comment

  1. Well hello gorgeous! OCD? Officially Cute Darling? Must remember that!
    All the best,


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