Friday 23 August 2013

Preparation, preparation, preparation

All is go in Howard's House.  Tom and I are getting married in two weeks.

Yes...only two weeks.

Howard's been helping me sew my bridesmaids dresses.  Well, I think he's been helping.

I have tea sets all over the house.  The above being some of my favourites. (Well, they do go perfectly with my new to come on that.)

This coming week comes the bulk of the bunting makage.

And then comes the baking. (I'm really looking forwards to this part.)

Then...*bobs up and down in excitement*....I'm getting married.


  1. Sweet Howard! I like your bridesmaid's material!
    Looking forward to see a wee photo of the wedding Dear!

  2. Love the fabric and the bunting. Many congratulations to you both. I hope that you have a wonderful day and life together. Sue x

  3. The bunting materials are gorgeous! You are certainly going to be busy in the next couple of weeks......... congratulations, and good luck! xx


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