Saturday 31 August 2013

Taking a moment

There's something so ostentatious about Dahlias.  The giant, bright blooms. 

You either love them or hate them.  

So does Oliver, who think's they're "beautiful and pretty" (Good man!)

This time next week I'll be getting ready to become a Mrs.  

My wedding is certainly less Dahlia and more Daisy, but even then there are so many things that I need to sort out before the 7th, and every so often I feel overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of the day.  Time is running away from me at a terrific speed and whilst I really can't wait for the day to happen, I wish time would slow down so I can get everything done.  I've joked that we should run away and elope, so I can get away from all the stress of planning, but I know that when the day comes it'll be the most incredible day.  I get to be the Mrs to my Mr and that's the important thing.

So I'm making sure that I get a few moments a day when I take a deep breath, and think of nothing more taxing than "fire bad…tree pretty." (Points to you if you got that pop culture reference)

A cup of tea, with my flowers, listening to a snoring Howard and happy children, playing nicely together?  I don't mind if I do.


1 comment

  1. Lovely Dahlias and good to hear you are catching a bit of 'me' time! Howard snores??
    Counting the days with you...


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