Saturday 2 November 2013


My goodness, we're well into Autumn, aren't we?

There's a chill in the air which makes me incredibly grateful for snuggly coats and scarves.

My boys, however, have no idea what "cold" is.  They'd probably be more than happy going outside completely starkers, so long as it got them out to play that 2 minutes quicker than it takes to put a coat and hat on.

Despite the cold, I love Autumn.  It's the most obvious season, and there's no uncertainty when it arrives.  I like knowing what to expect with my weather.  None of this "is it Spring…is it Summer" malarky.

This year I seem to be spending a huge amount of time outside in the rain….wind…more rain…!

This little lady might possibly be the cause.

Golly gosh, I'd forgotten what having a puppy was like. (and in all honesty I much prefer adult dogs, who know where their place is in everyday life.)  I do NOT like accidentally standing in poo and having to hop to the sink in order to wash………………<<Yes, this happened…!
Why get a puppy then?

With his self harm we were advised that it was because he needed canine companionship.  After the terrible accident that happened with Dennis, we were told only to introduce a younger, female dog.  Little Lucy is the result.

Oh, and isn't she beautiful?

We've seen a huge difference in Howard.  You might remember that a week or two after adopting Denbo, Howard, whilst stopping chewing his back, legs and tummy, went a little bit odd with his behaviour.  Running off and just not listening to anyone.  Then…..well….I'd rather not think about the fight they had.

But this time…low and behold, the professionals were right.

Howard is still, completely and utterly Howard.  He is incredibly happy with his little sister…….even when she uses him as a pillow…or mattress (yes, good luck with that when she's bigger than you, Howard!)

He's been fantastic teaching her how to act around adult dogs, and turns into a puppy himself, when they play.

"Yes….she can stay…"

And what about me, you ask…?  I'm utterly exhausted.  I've said it before and I'll say it again…Puppies are MUCH MUCH MUCH harder than babies.

So here I am, having a 10 minute break….in bed…with a cup of coffee (with the children's whole milk,  no less) whilst one boy is napping, the other is watching Toy Story 3...

….and the dogs?  

….well, I can't hear them, so they'll totally be being good…right?
I'm sure I won't go downstairs and find puppy destruction…



  1. I've been known to sneak some of the kids' whole milk myself. :) Your new puppy is adorable! I love the dog-pile photo, so funny and sweet.

  2. Ali, what an incredible post and those photos...Priceless! Oh yes, puppies can mean a whole lot of work but with Howards' help, you will be alright!
    Enjoy Autumn and wathc where you step!!
    Hugs to Howard and lovely Lucy!

  3. Wow I can't believe you have the energy for two dogs and two must be superhuman, I have one of each and I struggle!! Lovely puppy though, is it a Labrador?? xx

    1. I don't have the energy, Emma (although I'm liking the idea of being superhuman…can I grow a few extra arms, and eyes in the back of my head….I'd also like to fly…I don't ask for much, do I?)
      She's a 1/4 springer spaniel, as mum was half and half….and she certainly has the "Spring"…! xx


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