Sunday 24 November 2013

I've got that Christmas feeling.

I just can't help it.  Christmas is starting to arrive in our little home.

After thinking I'd got away without catching the dreaded bug that all of my boys had a week or so ago, it hit me…and it hit me hard.  I'm finally out of my metaphorical sick bed and am trying to get back into the swing of things.

I never get ill…NEVER…so when I get ill, I get hit really hard and it takes forever to feel better.

I hobbled into the kitchen today, early afternoon and decided to get my baking groove on.

Christmas songs a singing, I made my pastry and made a meagre attempt at a little Christmas boogie. (I'm glad only the Tiny man was there to judge me..)

The smell….oh the smell coming from the kitchen….!

Extremely festive.

I'm utterly useless at the moment and managed half of a mince pie….what a terrible attempt.  Thankfully Hugo was willing to help.  

He has ended up having 3.5 so far….he was also witness to the rest of the raw pastry somehow disappearing, but won't tell me where it went…..oh…and I found him with the butter and a spoon….(odd child!)

::and lastly, I know it's annoying blurry, but I had to share this little picture of the pups.  They're rather fond of each other.


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  1. Ali, beautiful! Betwixt the tartlets and the pooches kissing...I feel in the Christmas spirit too!
    I keep forgetting to mention the Scrabble game tiles in the banner...our favourite game!
    Happy days,


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