Thursday 21 November 2013

Who are you calling little?

One thing I'm never going to understand is the speed that tiny animals grow at.

My small, potbellied little puppy has grown into a long, lanky little super model, with ears that hint towards the spaniel.

She is utterly beautiful…butter wouldn't melt…

…but would it?

This beautiful little lady is definitely part Springer (and possibly has springs attached to her feet.)

Luckily she has that face.  Just look into those eyes and tell her that she's 'orrible….can't do it?  Didn't think so.

No.  Don't fear, that angelic face isn't lying.  Exuberant she may be, but she really is a bundle of happiness, without a bad bone in her body.

We're whipping her into shape with training lessons (no….not actual whipping…!) and she's the best pup there, despite being the youngest. 

^^ Ok, there might be a little bit of bias there, but hey, I'm only human, and her being my furry baby, means I'm allowed to think she's awesome.

It's not all hugs and puppies (although there are many hugs from puppies).  She's still weeing a lot, and has been given the nickname "Miss Piddle Paws" by Mr B.  Our house can only be described as utterly crazy.  I have some people commending me for having the energy for two young children and two energetic dogs (I don't have the energy) and others look at me in sympathy and call me crazy.  (I think I probably agree with the latter.)

But this…….THIS is worth it all.

….and this…! 

They adore each other.  When they're not playing (noisily) together, they're curled up in a puppy pile….a rather adorable puppy pile.


  1. Miss Piddle Paws is precious! When my West Highland terrier Fergus was a puppy I used to tell him all the time "It's a good thing you're so cute!" It looks like you could use the same line. :-)

  2. Sooooo adorable!! I saw a 'golden poo' puppy the other day (retriever/poodle cross) very,VERY sweet.

    Bellaboo X

  3. Ali, its seems their happiness is a reflection of the love both found in your home! The little darlings have definitively found their way to your heart and why not? They are more dependable than most humans!
    So glad things are looking good!
    Amazing what stamina we Mums have when faced with such energy!
    God bless,


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