Monday 18 August 2014

Baking with Hugs

Whenever The Great British Bake Off is on my boys go crazy for it.  Last year Oliver and I snuggled up and watched them all together.  Then he'd watch them with Grandma and then would come back and ask to watch them again.  

This year he was so excited when the new series started, as was little Hugo. 

The boy is obsessed with cake.

………so we baked…just me and him.  Big brother in Jersey, baby brother being looked after by the real life Mary Poppins.  He was such a proud little man…although hasn't really grasped the idea of cooking times.  I probably should have left him with the raw mix and a spoon….actually…he'd have probably been fine without a spoon.

::Yes, he tasted the lemon.  I laughed *bad parenting*.

::Well done little Hugs…I'm very impressed.


1 comment

  1. Beautiful and congrats to the young Chef! Your little family must be so happy to have you all together home again!


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