Friday 22 August 2014

Cat Face

This is The Great Catsby (Excuse his name but I'm a sucker for a cat related pun).

My neighbour was having accidental kittens (well her cat was, not her) and she practically forced me to have one. There were threats and steely glares…..or maybe I fell slightly in love with them and asked if we could have one.

Solomon, our family cat was a silver tabby and I think they are the most distinguished looking felines.

Catsby…is….crazy.  Jumping 3 feet in the air and attacking your toes crazy (I assume this is kittens in general…please tell me this is kittens in general….!)  He'll have a mad 5 minutes and then will just flop down, cuddle in close (mostly as close to my neck as he can get) and will purr.

….and that purrrrrrrrrrrr…'s like a freight train….

He is a little bit rude though.



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