Thursday 28 August 2014

Sugar and spice and all things nice

My friend has just had a baby girl.  Now…with a house full of boys I've never had the chance to do the "pretty dresses" thing. (I do get to do the "adorable braces" thing though.)

I was positive that little baby was going to be a boy.  I could feel it in my waters……..well… turns out my waters were wrong.

So having a rare free afternoon I really couldn't help myself and threw myself into making the tiniest dress you can imagine.

…I may have cried at how tiny it was…

I know I have my very own tiny person (who is finally becoming a little chunk like his brothers were) but it still shocks me at how small babies are.

My buttons leave a lot to be desired, but hopefully it'll go relatively unnoticed.

To check the fit, I had to call on a certain little Rupert Bear.

….It was a little weird to see….

I often get asked if I'm disappointed that I don't have a girl (very odd question) or if we're planning on trying again because we "might get a girl" next time (because apparently you can choose these things).  Firstly, a little awkward to tell people, if my heart stays this way then we can't have another baby because *get ready for the dramatics* I'd probably die and secondly….why should I specifically want a girl.  I have three fantastic little boys and I couldn't ask for more.  Sure I miss out on giving my daughter my wedding dress one day (but then again if I'd worn my mum then I'd have looked like Little Bo Peep so I'm sure it'll be out of fashion by then) and I miss out on making pretty little dresses for them (although who knows, the boys might want to wear dresses and I'd let them.)  So no…I'm not disappointed with any of my children, surprisingly.  Were I to ever have another (don't worry Mr B, if you're reading this, it's not going to happen) then I'd want another BABY….not a certain gender.  I get asked if I miss the freedom you have when you don't have children, or if I wish I could go out on weekends (I don't….)

To my lovely, wonderful friend, who MADE a whole new person….If anyone makes comments about whether you're going to try for a boy next time, asks if you wanted a girl, or judges your parenting style because Baby A is either "too girly" or "not girly enough", or looks at you with sympathy because you can't go to the pub because you "have" to do bedtime then shake it off and smile. You have done something incredible, and have brought a gorgeous little girl into the world.  

You have a little person who is so delicate and special and is yours.  

I'm going to say it again….you MADE her!  

She is part you and part her daddy.  She's got a huge family who will always be there for her.

She's going to have pony rides on her Grandpa's back, help daddy make Mothers day cards and clumsily bring you up breakfast in bed, spilling the OJ everywhere, bake cakes with her Grandma and share her food with Dylan (dog).  She's going to laugh and cry and share the good and the bad times with you.  She's going to test your patience and be a bossy little thing (well she is your daughter).  She's going to be curious and as she figures out how the world works, learning new skills, you will watch in awe.  How could someone who is so tiny and precious and new turn into their own little person, with like, dislikes and her own opinion?  You're going to have kitchen discos and family snuggle time and every night you're going to put that little bundle to bed and have to sneak back to watch her sleep.  You're going to be sitting on the sofa watching her play and suddenly, in a moment, get choked up because of the love you feel for your little family.  You're going to feel like the luckiest person in the world.  You're going to worry about her all the time (what parent doesn't) and you're going to have to kiss a lot of bumps better.  You'll also get to share all her accomplishments, big and small. She'll learn to ride a bike, to read, to sing and you'll be right there with her.  You'll get to make new traditions and teach her the old.  You'll have to go through the torture, every parent feels, of leaving her, for the first time at nursery and then school, knowing that each year she's becoming more and more independent, learning and growing, and will watch her blossom into the incredible young woman she will surely be.

She is your baby, and she is special.


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