Wednesday 20 January 2016

The weekend

What day are we on...?


...Ah, balls...not exactly close to the weekend just past, but oh well.

We had a lovely weekend, a rare one with Mr B home on Sunday.  We had lots of plans to go out and about, have a walk, go to somewhere National Trusty.

But it was god it was cold, so all those plans were forgotten.

Instead we played lego and read magazines....which was dangerous as my two big boys wanted to read the Lego catalogues that drop on the doormat every couple of months and drive me insane with requests for every single piece of lego they make.  We people watched out the window (well, Rupert's his favourite past time).  Us big people drank a heck of a lot of tea and I risked hypothermia taking Lucy on a much needed romp.

A joyous hour and a half, just me and my dog.

We walked down the heath until we could go no further and the fields nearby weren't full of horses, but sheep.

Lucy did her best impression of a racehorse, galloping all over the place, never straying far, always aware of me.

We walked in mostly silence and didn't see a soul other than far in the distance.

My goodness I needed that walk.  It really shows me how little time I spend without at least one child with me.  I'm constantly exhausted...a grit in the eyes exhausted.  I needed to blow away the cobwebs.  I needed that distance to not be mummy, not be constantly aware of where they are, what they're doing, what they want.

I needed silence.

I needed to rest.

I needed to be me!

So I walked as far as I could, away from the mess, the noise, the responsibility.

...and then I turned around and home I came.

Before I'd fully opened the door I was accosted by two of my three little boys.  Clambering over each other to hug me first.

"Mummy's back, daddy."
"Mummy, I missed you."
"Mummy, can I have a banana?" (Perhaps that's why he missed me.)

Then we purring on my lap, reading our magazines, drinking our tea in mostly quiet.

And whilst I'm glad I managed some time alone...I was glad to be home, with my little family.

To be their mummy.


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