Saturday 18 May 2013

Photographing two fast moving objects…ok…boys…

In the year that I've had two little men, I've taken pictures every month or so (or when I remembered) of them sitting together, to see how they're growing.

I was flicking through older photos when I realised how long it had been since the last one and that it was high time for a photo of my little men, smiling serenely for the camera….perhaps with halos magically hovering above their heads.

Yeah….erm….well…that was the plan.

This is what I went through.

It turns out that now Hugo can move he will simply not sit still, even long enough for a photo with his brother.  Not only that.  Apparently trying to hold his brother down for any length of time is incredibly boring, and pulling funny poses is far more fun.  

Add a photobombing Dennis and lets just say I failed miserably.

It's not all doom and gloom though.  I managed to get ONE good photo.

There's a slight problem though….

Oh well.  Maybe next time I'll manage both boys together.  

If not….well….there's always photoshop.



  1. Howard, where are you?
    It's a joy to see how everybody is smiling (well, maybe not Dennis!) Happy children says it all!
    A warm hello from the (oh, so foggy) Pacific NW coast,

  2. I LOVE photobombing Dennis!!!!!!!

  3. Lovely photos! Make the most of it - soon they won't even want to be in the same room as each other......


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