Thursday, 26 July 2012


Little Hugs was 3 months old on Tuesday!  He's such a little chub.  I love being a mummy the second time around.  Oliver is so good with his baby brother and plays with him whenever he's awake.  Hugo thinks Ol is fantastic and just stares at him, smiling.  Add Howard into the mix and I have some rather awesome little boys!

Yesterday we met up with some mummies and babies who were born around the same time as him.  Little Hugo and four girls and this was his reaction.  "Shocked face"


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Summer's here

I love my garden  meadow!!  It's looking rather wild, as of late.  So much rain has meant it's been too wet to mow the lawn and all the plants have taken advantage of this and grown, grown, grown!!

I'm thinking of padlocking the lawn mower so Tom can't flatten it all.  Oli loves exploring the "jungle" and I love looking out of the window at it, so it's a win, win!!

This is the view out of the kitchen window, over the fence.  We live just outside some protected heathland, full of bugs, beasties, bunnies and deer!  It's where I walk Howard and explore with Ol.

I'm honestly going to miss the view when we move.  We'll still be within a stones throw of the heathland, and will overlook trees from our garden, but we won't have the view we have now. (Yes...I just stated the obvious, didn't I!)

My mother in law planted us some pots for the garden, as we're moving in the next few weeks and didn't want to plant anything into the ground.

The fuchsias take me back to my childhood when we planted them in the front garden.  Tom's mum is so kind, and her thoughtfulness with these little pots of colour mean so much to me.

Oliver has been given the task of watering them every day, and he's loving the responsibility.

There's been a lot of making and creating going on today.  Little man made this helicopter out of his magnetix. (Possibly the best childs toy, bar lego)

and I've been sewing more cushions.

I feel very relaxed today....Summer is HERE!!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Pizza party

I recently bought some new fabric from Clarke and Clarke.  They have so many nice prints I ended up with 11 prints, each a meter long.  They're a lovely heavy cotton.  As they all share common colours I'm planning on making...oooooh...about a thousand....cushions for our living room.  Here's number 1, modelled beautifully by Howard (and our scruffy  well loved sofa).
I'll update as I get around to the rest.

 It's the school holidays at present so time is scarce.  It's my first holiday with both of the boys.  When it was just me and Ol we could do whatever we wanted, but now we have the tiny man to think about so can't go out at the drop of a hat anymore.  Oliver doesn't mind at all but in September he'll be moving from nursery to big school so I want to make the most of our time together before school starts.

Last night we made pizza for supper.  It was Tom's day off so I plonked Hugo with Daddy and off me and my little man went on a quest for food.

My little man being such a BIG boy wanted to do everything himself.  From measuring to kneading to rolling to grating to carefully helping me place the tray in the oven.  It scares me how grown up he is now.

He was so proud of his little creation.

It was so good that it was gone in about two minutes flat.  Well...a growing boy needs muchos sustenance!! 

The recipe I have is really good and simple to make.  

Pizza Dough
300g strong bread flour
1tsp instant yeast
pinch of salt
1tbsp olive oil
approx 200ml warm water

You can leave it to rise and have a thicker base or use it straight away if you want a thin crust.

It works every time and tastes like proper pizza the way the Italians make it!


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Problems with one of the men in my life

I look after my brother's puppy when he's at work.  When he said he was thinking about getting a puppy and would I mind looking after him when he's on a job I didn't think twice about it....Of course I would!  Afterall, it'd be nice to have another puppy in the house, and Howard was a pretty good pup.  How hard could it be?!

Well, this is Max.  Gorgeous, isn't he.  He's a lurcher.  I'm not sure if people know but Lurchers aren't a very regulated fact they're not really a breed at all.  They're a cross breed with a sight hound and whatever else.  Max has greyhound in him...lots of greyhound in him.  At 13 weeks old he's massive.  Double the size of my little Howard.

Those blue eyes have a "can do no wrong" look, don't they....?!

Don't be fooled.  He's an absolute nightmare.

Yesterday I spent the ENTIRE day cleaning up my poor mum's house after this wretched pup.  It was horrendous.   He'd taken the entire recycling bin and thrown the contents all over the house.  Chewed up an entire pack of kitchen roll and walked in god knows what from outside all over the carpet.

I the end of the day I was frazzled!  But it was ok.  My mum wouldn't have to see all the mess when she came back, this afternoon.

When I got home that evening I had a well earned slice of carrot cake and berries.  It was so good!

I came back this morning to collect the pup and he'd only gone and messed up the house AGAIN!!  

Oliver and I have been franticly trying to clean up after him in time for my mum's arrival home.  All done I boiled the kettle and made my way to the fridge milk!

Methinks I'm going to have to get all the boys ready and mosey on down to the village shop!  I need my tea!  (and for that matter, so will my mummy dearest when she gets home!)  Best nip off before the rain starts again!

Oh, look at that face!  He's alright really...!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The curse of a first post

Hello...this is a test post so I can check all the "settings".  I'm sure I'll have something interesting to say soon.....!  Probably not when I have a dog on my legs, a baby on my lap and baby vomit all over my jumper. (Reflux isn't fun!)

Yes...I'm sure you're all sitting at the edge of your seat, furiously pressing the refresh button to see if I've posted yet....erm....of course...!

I don't even have a banner yet.

This blog is a new blog, but I had a previous one. (A couple of people who I've commented on in the past might notice Howard and think "huh?!")  I wasn't very good at posting and lost the passion along with time when the tiny one arrived.  With a new email address I thought a new blog might spark my interest, so rather than transferring the old one I decided to start from scratch...A blank slate!
We'll see how it goes.
I'm feeling good about it!
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