Sunday, 25 November 2012

A Sunday jaunt to Ickworth Park

Do you have a National trust card?  If not I seriously recommend it.  Our closest National Trust place is  Ickworth.  It's a fantastically grand house, and really focusses on the servants quarters (and has a kitchen to die for...every time I go I want to sneak into a giant copper pot and refuse to leave.

But today we weren't going into the house.  We were taking two extremely excited pups on a jaunt in the  cold crisp, Autumn air.  Tom's been away in Yorkshire this weekend, so needing adult contact I called on my brother "Uncle Ben" to accompany us!

We bundled myself, Ben, two children, two dogs and a large pushchair into my little Fiesta....I'm still not sure how we all fitted!

(and boy, was it windy!)
The trees in Ickworth are something else.  Some are over 700 years old and are stunning, dotted all over the park land!  They're just as attractive in Winter as they are in Summer. (although going with a tree surgeon [Ben] means you're never free from the knowledge that something's been Pollarded wrong/a branch needs to be chopped off that tree/the kind of fungus a tree has unfortunately contracted.)

One little Pickle was not a well behaved boy at all and, egged on by the crazy wind, went a little bit mad when let free to run, so had to be confined to a lead (after he at last decided to come back).....naughty Howard.

See...he's so embarrassed he can't even look at me.

 Maximus (aptly named), although he was being a very well behaved pup....for once....also had his freedom cruelly taken away as all he'd do is bother poor little Howard, when off lead.  Look how massive he is! 7 months old and still a way to go to being fully grown, he's going to be a monster.  

Little man had a great time, playing with sticks but I drew the line at puddle splashing, as his wellygogs had been left at school.  I think there were a few "accidental" steps through puddles, but I can imagine it was hard to stay away from temptation.

Hello! *waves*

 Little Hugs slept through the whole thing....I've got it on good authority that it's hard work being that smiley.

There was running...exclaiming at exciting looking sticks and leaves.  Old trees were inspected (and judged....Ben!)  Dogs were sniffed, and sniffed again, just to be sure, and the landscape was appreciated, greatly.

We decided that climbing into this dead tree would be unwise, as it seemed to be held together by it's bark.....

It wasn't too long before the moans of empty tummies and complaints of the cold started, so we headed back to the lovely little cafe, near to the house.  We had much deserved tea and flipping giant sausage sandwiches (the big dog might have had to help finish mine.)

So with a full stomach, and the cobwebs well and truly blown out of our heads, we headed home.  Bye bye Ickworth.

And here we are, back home, the little people watching Cars, one lego building and the other book eating (I'll leave it up to your imagination as to which is doing which), as I sit with a cup of coffee, sewing a little something (to be revealed later.)  I hope your weekends have been full of fun and not of bugs and colds.


Friday, 23 November 2012

Howard sleeps the car seat!  I think the theory is that there's no way we can leave the house without him realising.  Clever pup!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Where did you say that cake came from?

Yesterday I managed to have some sew time.  Not fancy dress costumes but me sewing!  I'd never pack away my machine if I could help it. ...Alas, my sewing table is also the dining room table, so I have to take the time when I can, and then pack it away in time for supper. which moving box did I put the iron?!

 Little Hugs grabbed hold of this and refused point blank to let go!

My brother came over for tea and surprised me with a homemade chocolate fudge cake.  The Waitrose box suggests otherwise, but who am I to question the derivatives of cake...?!  I'd much focus on the eating of it.

Monday, 19 November 2012


 "What do you want to dress up as for Tobias and Octave's party, Ol?!" I asked (after realising that the party the next day was Superhero fancy dress.

"A Dinosaur Superhero....."

"Erm.........."  So I practically ran to the fabric shop and spent a hurried evening whipping up a dinosaur cape and mask. (with much frustration and a couple of swear words thrown in!) wasn't perfect, but my little man was ecstatic!  I'm not sure I'll ever get it off him.

Howard helped....


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Autumn Walks

Well, we're back to one dog.  My friend, C, collected Jess thursday evening. (not long after I posted)  It's been so quiet without her, and I have to say I'm missing having two dogs.  When Hugo is older then I think Tom and I will be having words about the size of our furry family.  

Poor Howard has been a little bit upset about losing his best friend and has been a little mopey and clingy since she left...poor pup.

This is his first proper Autumn as he was only a baby this time last year and gosh he loves the giant piles of leaves.  Because he's so small he gets completely covered as he dives in and rolls about.  Howard is a complete and utter nutter!  I suppose that's because he's a spaniel.  Is there actually a non-crazy spaniel in existence.

He went mad, chasing low flying birds, hopping in and out of close growing trees and even found himself a bunny to chase.  Poor little pup doesn't realise that they're far too fast for him and bounds after, wanting to play.

Hugo was his usual smiley self and got all snuggled up into his pushchair to come with us.  You can tell he's feeling better than last week.

When all the leaves are going yellow and brown, and the branches are getting bare, it's always exciting to see such bright berries.

The ferns are starting to feel sorry for themselves too.


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Howard sleeps

Sometimes the sofa just isn't comfortable enough....!


Saturday, 10 November 2012

Cold Mornings

Dark, early mornings with the two little men call for one thing...a cup of something hot.  Today, coffee was in order....mmmmmm!  Twas a good cup! (even if the artificial light in the picture is really not good.)

When I'd sorted the boys out with porridge and milk I thought I'd come and have a nosey what's going on in blogland and saw that I'm actually being followed! (....ok...that doesn't sound nearly as lovely as it is.)

I'd like to make a huge, huge THANK YOU to my first two followers, the lovely Pixie and Charlotte!  I may have squealed out loud when I saw that I had not one, but two followers!  It can be a bit daunting starting out, so thank you!

A great big bear hug and thank you to Nina from Tabiboo, too, who left me a lovely comment the other day, which I really appreciated!

Thank you all so much, it means a lot to me!

( many times can I fit "thank you" into one post?)

Friday, 9 November 2012

....Look at the pretty

Isn't it simply wonderful?!  

I've been hinting  shamelessly begging  for a Robert's Revival radio for a while now.  Tom, being wonderful (I hope you're reading, T!) had this beautiful machine waiting for me when I got home from collecting Ol from school. 

I've been listening to Radio 4 ever since we've got home.  (I found it highly amusing that the first station that it automatically tuned itself to was ClassicFM.  I had a little chuckle to myself)

I'm so giddy!  Tom isn't the sort of person to buy me gifts, which I'm completely happy with.  It makes the moments like this even more exciting.   So excuse me whilst I skip off into the distance in glee, giant grin on my face, hugging my pretty, pretty radio.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

The time of year

I have "this years" slippers and gosh they're snuggly.  It's like a hug for each foot!  I can now go between my sheepskin boots and fluffy slippers without having to have a cold foot again!

This is such a confusing photo.  Blue sky and autumn leaves (it was cloudless earlier in the day, but I was cold lazy and couldn't get my bum off the sofa.   But oh so cold.  Freeeezing, in fact! 

Is it Autumn or Winter?  I have no mind is still boggled over where summer went.

Howard has a friend staying (and, with him and the little man, my poor sofa could do with some tlc.)  Our lovely red head guest was meant to be staying for a couple of days and I can't tell you how excited Howard was to see her...let alone have her to stay.  A couple has now turned to 14 days and no noise as to when she's going to be picked up.

I'm thinking maybe I could claim "squatters rights" now and keep her when my friend does decide to collect her.  She really is a lovely girl.  Howard is acting like a petty child though, and every time Jess picks up a toy, he immediately drops whatever he has and won't have anything but the item she has!  He really is a terrible host.

We've had a poorly little man over the past week, who has decided that mummy is the only place to be. This has hindered my life quite a bit, from simple acts like making a cup of tea/coffee or going to the toilet, to doing housework and sorting out the five BILLION boxes of stuff I need to sort through from the move.  God I'm such a hoarder!

Thankfully it's looking up and my normally smiley man is feeling less like a grot-bag. 

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Just about fits

Only Howard could find the only bed smaller than him to curl up in.  My father's cat was not amused when she found out her bed had been pinched....and by a canine at that.

Before the pusscat came in and saw him in HER spot, he kept giving sidelong glances to the doorstop cat.  (Who wasn't as bothered with the sleeping arrangements as the real cat!)


Well, we've done it....we've bought our first house.  Let the fun begin!!

We're busy trying to make the house our own, which I'll be documenting as we go.  Tom and I have always lived in older houses so trying to add some character into our little 1980's build might be hard and might take a while, but I have lots of ideas whirring around my head and just want to get stuck in.

Being on the property ladder, in our own little house is more than we could have imagined.  Without my parents, it could never have happened, and I'm eternally grateful to all of them.

We're loving having our very own slice of the country (even if it's only a very bijou slice.)  We're in a little three bed terrace, overlooking a lovely green, shared with our lovely, lovely neighbours.  Our little back garden overlooks trees and fields, so feels quite private.  Our front garden is screaming out for a little picket fence to keep Howard safe from wandering (and to fulfil my girlish dream to have a white picket fence!)

I love being a homeowner.  It really and truly fills me with glee at the thought that our house is OURS.

 Life has been busy, busy, busy over the past few months.  Not only with the house move, but my eldest little man started school this September.

It's been a very new experience for all of us.  When did my son get so grown up and starting school?  It's a special experience seeing his joy with the learning process.  I wish that he never loses that enjoyment and thirst for knowledge.

With school means a far more structured life.  I was sort of dreading the start but actually I've found the routine fantastic.  Hugo and I have slotted into Oli's school commitments and I actually get a lot more done in the day than where we had the opportunity for that extra hour in pj's.  Knowing we have to leave the house at 8 on the dot has made me far more organised....although being the mother of two young boys means that my organisation is more timekeeping than having a clutter free house.
.....I'm working well, attempting to work on that.

My monthly treats have notified me that is is indeed almost Christmas.  Where on earth does the time go?!

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