Sunday 16 November 2014


I know this post is pretty self explanatory and also obvious without me needing to say it but I still feel the need to write it down.

These boys…They are my life (as all other parents, I'm sure, will agree).

Sorry to bang on about it but going through such illness has made me appreciate life, and it's delicacy, all the more.  There are days that I feel so down that I just want the ground to swallow me up so I don't have to feel the crippling exhaustion, but then there are days which I don't want to end.  These three little men exhaust me…but they are what makes my life worth living and stops me from lingering on wanting to just sleep forever and a day.

Boy 1 is such a sensitive soul.  He knows if you're feeling upset/frustrated/ill and comes and gives you a hug and a kiss and tells you that everything is going to be ok.  He feels pain for others if they're upset and has very strong views on what is right and wrong and how you should act towards others.  He is loyal and kind and sweet but has a wicked sense of humour ….well, unless he's actually trying to tell jokes…then, well, he misses the mark somewhat.  He has such passion for learning.  Especially all things science.  He wants to be an inventor…an astronaut…an engineer…an olympic swimmer….….and a lego builder. (Aim for the stars, little man.) 

This little man is the cheekiest boy around.  His little belly laughs fill a room and you can't help but smile with him.  He's constantly asking questions about what things are and how you use them and drinks in your answers…………and then asks again a minute later.  His hero is his big brother and he'd follow him to the end of the earth.  He's becoming fiercely independent…until he needs to come back for a cuddle.  He's always saying "Hugo do it.  I do it mummy" and I have to remember to let him fall if it helps him learn to fly.  He's learning to be gentle and polite, coming out with "Hello Mr Spider" and finishes every day with a massive smile.  This boy eats olives like they're grapes…and all the stinky cheese….I'd say we share the love…but when there's only one olive left, it's survival of the fittest.

What do I say about Baby B?  We're getting to know Boy 3 a little more everyday, as he grows into his own little person.  He likes nothing more than to be held and carried.  Some days I only get things done because of my carrier.  He stares at you as he drinks his milk with piercing brown eyes.  He forgets he's eating and gives you a massive grin, dribbling milk everywhere.  He follows his brothers' every move….probably biding his time for when he is mobile and ready to cause mischief.  When I'm at my lowest he's more than happy to have a "bed day" with me, where we just cuddle as I try to recharge.   2.5 months premature and look how amazingly he's doing.  If you didn't know he was early you'd have no idea.  What a little star!

This is my family…and this is all the reason I need to get up in the morning.

….and they are all….rather awesome.


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