Sunday 3 February 2013

A sew day

Preferable to a snow day, I've decided.

Tuesday was my "Sew day".  My poor Tiny man wasn't feeling very well so spent a good part of the day in bed.  I didn't have to collect the Little man from school.  All in all that made it a perfect day to cover the whole of the ground floor in fabric and forget about time, pausing only to feed and snuggle a snuffly boy before the eyelids started drooping again.

Of course I had my trusty helper sitting opposite me (who has managed the impressive feat of looking decidedly "boss-eyed" in this photo. *claps*….well done Howard……well done.)  I have to say that I found the conversation rather lacking, so resorted to Radio 4.

I've been told that keeping me company is sometimes tiring, so my helper had to find a more suitable place to lounge….but still be close enough to oversee what I'm doing……

Can you imagine if food magically appeared and he hadn't been there to look longingly. 

The world might have ended.

In the end it was just too tiring for him……..

Oh well.  At least he managed to catch up on his beauty sleep.

It was a productive day, all around. (and as you can see all the natural light had gone.)

Gosh I love these fabrics.



  1. The colours are lovely so I undesratnd the sentiment! Howard, you are such a cutie!
    Blessings to all (and a big hug to Howard of course)

    1. Thank you Noelle. It was a good day. Very cathartic. I haven't had a proper all day sew since before my youngest was born.


  2. My most favourite thing next to dogs is fabric and anything handmade! My best friend has a crafting blog - you should take a look her link is on my page - and I am so jealous of her talent and get her to make me lots of things that I am not capable of doing! Your fabric is lovely, and I saw the sewing machine, did you make anything nice? How adorable is Howard!!!!

    1. Ooooh! I'll pop over for a look!

      I made cushion covers (which are the ultimate procrastination from wedding dress make-age). I'd like to work up to doing a few craft stalls in the future. (…and have some friends that practically drool over the fabric I buy…)


    2. Haha! I was just reading your blog and thinking how gorgeous your fabrics and dog are when I find myself mentioned in the comments! Bless the ever faithful angelkiss - funnily enough, she put me onto you :) Glad you had a nice crafty day - I managed the same a couple of weeks ago when one of my sons was poorly. I spent the whole of Ghostbusters and Johnny English 1 and 2 having my first go at quilting. Hope the tiny man feels better soon xx
      p.s how does Howard stay so clean??

    3. My friend is doing the same! She started to sell a few bits to friends which are going down really well, so hopefully she will get to do some stalls in the summer! Crafting is good for the soul I reckon!

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