Tuesday 12 February 2013

The Rotary cutter of doom

I had a slight disagreement with my new rotary cutter today.

If you're squeamish, have a nervous disposition, have a heart condition or just plain don't like icky things then I'd look away now. If you have a morbid interest in other people's stupidity the carry on....

I'm sure that everyone knows what a rotary cutter is, but if not then...

::Imagine a scalpel wheel of pain....
::Have that image in your head...?
::Ok, now imagine it and my finger having a minor disagreement......
::Yes.....pain...so much pain.

(yes....it's even a "safety" one.  I even managed to get past that handy little feature!)

I spent so long telling my little man time after time after time, "Don't go NEAR the rotary cutter. It's sharp."

Now I realise that actually I should have given that a thought myself.

Oliver saw my mangled mess of a finger after the ....erm....accident (?) and after shooing me out of the room so I didn't bleed on the carpet...or near him... He decided I was a very silly mummy indeed abd that I should have been ...c.a.r.e.f.u.l...!!!

Yes son. Never a truer word have you spoken. I'll take that as an "I told you so".

Slightly worryingly, I've come to the conclusion that if I were to fatally wound myself (probably from being clumsy) then I'd be the person ago would be found half eaten by my dog.....probably before my bloody corpse was cold.

I had to practically drag him outside (whilst trying not to cover him in blood) so I could clean myself and the floor.

Well....I wouldn't have wanted him to get a taste for it.

To stop this post being completely about my stupidity and lack of blood, I've had an incredibly exciting delivery of gorgeous Clarke and Clarke fabric.

I'm sure the delivery man thought I was utterly crazy, from the way I reacted.



  1. RIP index finger :(

    I love that Howard is basically a zombie dog in disguise. <3

    1. If you don't hear from me again then Howard has killed me...and disposed of the evidence.

  2. Ouch Alipops! Are you okay!?

    Love the fabric though. And your vampire dog. Where do you buy your wares from? xx

    1. I buy my fabric from Graham Sanderson interiors. Wonderfully helpful people! xxx

  3. What I love the most is that one of your first thoughts, whilst you were potentially bleeding to death, was to take a photo for your blog should you survive!!!!! Love, love, love the material!!!

    1. Haha! Yes…well…it's important to document these things. If I were to be eaten by a mad, rabid dog then at least people would know why.

      The fabric is gorgeous, isn't it. <3

      Ali xx

  4. Outch! Hope your finger is not throbbing today!!
    Gorgeous material though! Hugs to Howard and be careful when using the rotary cutter!

    1. It still hasn't healed properly, and I think I'll leave a stonking scar. It's just a bad place to cut yourself as I need to bend my finger relatively often! Ha!!

  5. I have recently bought a rotary cutter and it terrifies me! It cuts through everything but I am so clumsy it nearly took my whole arm off the other day. My husband knows me well enough to insist I keep it under lock and key and use it only when he can supervise - and have the phone to hand for calling the ambulance! I hope you didn't bleed on any of those lovely fabrics (important things first)?

    1. I think that's a good plan! They're terrifying, aren't they?! I'm not sure why anyone let me pick one up in the first place! I've managed to not mortally wound myself again….pretty impressive, I think!

      I managed to keep the finger away from the fabric. PHEW!


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