Wednesday 14 November 2012

Autumn Walks

Well, we're back to one dog.  My friend, C, collected Jess thursday evening. (not long after I posted)  It's been so quiet without her, and I have to say I'm missing having two dogs.  When Hugo is older then I think Tom and I will be having words about the size of our furry family.  

Poor Howard has been a little bit upset about losing his best friend and has been a little mopey and clingy since she left...poor pup.

This is his first proper Autumn as he was only a baby this time last year and gosh he loves the giant piles of leaves.  Because he's so small he gets completely covered as he dives in and rolls about.  Howard is a complete and utter nutter!  I suppose that's because he's a spaniel.  Is there actually a non-crazy spaniel in existence.

He went mad, chasing low flying birds, hopping in and out of close growing trees and even found himself a bunny to chase.  Poor little pup doesn't realise that they're far too fast for him and bounds after, wanting to play.

Hugo was his usual smiley self and got all snuggled up into his pushchair to come with us.  You can tell he's feeling better than last week.

When all the leaves are going yellow and brown, and the branches are getting bare, it's always exciting to see such bright berries.

The ferns are starting to feel sorry for themselves too.


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