Tuesday 6 November 2012


Well, we've done it....we've bought our first house.  Let the fun begin!!

We're busy trying to make the house our own, which I'll be documenting as we go.  Tom and I have always lived in older houses so trying to add some character into our little 1980's build might be hard and might take a while, but I have lots of ideas whirring around my head and just want to get stuck in.

Being on the property ladder, in our own little house is more than we could have imagined.  Without my parents, it could never have happened, and I'm eternally grateful to all of them.

We're loving having our very own slice of the country (even if it's only a very bijou slice.)  We're in a little three bed terrace, overlooking a lovely green, shared with our lovely, lovely neighbours.  Our little back garden overlooks trees and fields, so feels quite private.  Our front garden is screaming out for a little picket fence to keep Howard safe from wandering (and to fulfil my girlish dream to have a white picket fence!)

I love being a homeowner.  It really and truly fills me with glee at the thought that our house is OURS.

 Life has been busy, busy, busy over the past few months.  Not only with the house move, but my eldest little man started school this September.

It's been a very new experience for all of us.  When did my son get so grown up and starting school?  It's a special experience seeing his joy with the learning process.  I wish that he never loses that enjoyment and thirst for knowledge.

With school means a far more structured life.  I was sort of dreading the start but actually I've found the routine fantastic.  Hugo and I have slotted into Oli's school commitments and I actually get a lot more done in the day than where we had the opportunity for that extra hour in pj's.  Knowing we have to leave the house at 8 on the dot has made me far more organised....although being the mother of two young boys means that my organisation is more timekeeping than having a clutter free house.
.....I'm working well, attempting to work on that.

My monthly treats have notified me that is is indeed almost Christmas.  Where on earth does the time go?!



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