Thursday 8 November 2012

The time of year

I have "this years" slippers and gosh they're snuggly.  It's like a hug for each foot!  I can now go between my sheepskin boots and fluffy slippers without having to have a cold foot again!

This is such a confusing photo.  Blue sky and autumn leaves (it was cloudless earlier in the day, but I was cold lazy and couldn't get my bum off the sofa.   But oh so cold.  Freeeezing, in fact! 

Is it Autumn or Winter?  I have no mind is still boggled over where summer went.

Howard has a friend staying (and, with him and the little man, my poor sofa could do with some tlc.)  Our lovely red head guest was meant to be staying for a couple of days and I can't tell you how excited Howard was to see her...let alone have her to stay.  A couple has now turned to 14 days and no noise as to when she's going to be picked up.

I'm thinking maybe I could claim "squatters rights" now and keep her when my friend does decide to collect her.  She really is a lovely girl.  Howard is acting like a petty child though, and every time Jess picks up a toy, he immediately drops whatever he has and won't have anything but the item she has!  He really is a terrible host.

We've had a poorly little man over the past week, who has decided that mummy is the only place to be. This has hindered my life quite a bit, from simple acts like making a cup of tea/coffee or going to the toilet, to doing housework and sorting out the five BILLION boxes of stuff I need to sort through from the move.  God I'm such a hoarder!

Thankfully it's looking up and my normally smiley man is feeling less like a grot-bag. 

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