Saturday 10 November 2012

Cold Mornings

Dark, early mornings with the two little men call for one thing...a cup of something hot.  Today, coffee was in order....mmmmmm!  Twas a good cup! (even if the artificial light in the picture is really not good.)

When I'd sorted the boys out with porridge and milk I thought I'd come and have a nosey what's going on in blogland and saw that I'm actually being followed! (....ok...that doesn't sound nearly as lovely as it is.)

I'd like to make a huge, huge THANK YOU to my first two followers, the lovely Pixie and Charlotte!  I may have squealed out loud when I saw that I had not one, but two followers!  It can be a bit daunting starting out, so thank you!

A great big bear hug and thank you to Nina from Tabiboo, too, who left me a lovely comment the other day, which I really appreciated!

Thank you all so much, it means a lot to me!

( many times can I fit "thank you" into one post?)


  1. Oh bless you! I've just caught up on my blog roll over lunch - this week has been hellishly busy. You have posted lots and I've enjoyed snooping away. I need to blog more. But where is the time? :( xxx

    1. I'm not really sure what this thing called "time" is. Although right now is about right. Dog on my lap, boys in bed.
      Generally waving something yummy or interesting (or even better, yummy AND interesting) in front of their faces gives me the odd 5 minutes!


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