Saturday 13 April 2013

Suntime hooking

I have a new project I've stuck myself into.  Little man asked me for a blanket for his bed.  So of course, being a complete and utter novice, I decided to throw myself into it without a thought….*ahem*….that could have gone very wrong.  It is of course Lucy's granny stripe, and I have her to thank for writing such easy to read instructions, so that someone as novice as me can read (AND understand) what she wrote.

The tension of my treble clusters might be questionable at best (and Lucy was right about the first three rows being a "tad" fiddly) but it's growing and I'm loving it.

This morning, the moment I saw sun I practically threw myself out of the door, with my wool and hook  (ok, I took the time to make a huge mug of tea before I went outside…don't worry, I have my priorities right…!)

Here's my wool bag.  I'm using stylecraft special DK as the colours are lovely, but with a price tag of £1.99 a ball I'm not breaking the bank.  The plan is when I've finished this (nothing wrong with thinking way, way ahead) I'll make one for Tiny man in the same colours, but a different design.  It's all blues, greens and a couple of purples. 

Hopefully they'll still love them as smelly teenagers.

Not only did we spend hours on the green this morning.  Today we managed to go outside in nothing more than a cardigan (well, of course we were clothed underneath the cardi….)  Look at that sky.  It was as warm as it looks, when the sun was shining on us.

I'm not sure Tiny man has ever seen sunshine before (or at least it feels that way) so he had a fantastic time, sunning himself….and eating daisies.

One by one our neighbours came out for a chat and a bask in this glorious weather.  Dogs running here and there, chasing balls and each other.  If it'll only stay this way….I'll be a happy bunny.  Oh, how I like the sunshine.



  1. Those colours are gorgeous, it'll be a lovely blanket

    1. Thank you Natalie

      The more I've been hooking, the more I love the colours. xx

  2. I cannot believe that as I read this post I was at Natalie's house with her teaching me how to crochet and there you are crocheting this beautiful blanket, it will be so lovely! My first attempt at crocheting is going ok, I am a left hander so had to take to youtube to see how it's done! But i have been practicing all night and have got it now, so want to start making a few granny squares to get me on my way!

    Happy crocheting!

    1. That's fantastic timing. I wish I had someone to show me, rather than going it alone. Thankfully I seem to have got myself into the swing of things (and am doing some guesswork…..)

      I can't wait to see the grannies! xx

  3. and by the way we had pouring rain, grey skies and freezing cold temperatures all day today!!!!


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